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William P. Fritz
Email:  [email protected]
Phone: (949) 489-0151

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Computer Technology, Business Development, Medical Sciences, Education, Art, Sales

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CONSULTING - Technical Development, Troubleshooting, Implementation
Software Systems and Application Developer, Architect, Analyst, Programmer, Project Leader
User Interface Design and Execution, multiplatform; Business Rules, distributed and desktop; Data Base Design, Modification and Administration

E-Commerce (Web-Based Applications)- Created new sites and improved existing sites. Effectively accomplished clients' objectives. Product displays, shopping carts, job board. ADA compliancy. ASP, ASP.Net, VB, VB.Net, ADO, ADO.Net, HTML, CSS, server-sided vbScript, client-sided javaScript, SQL with stored procedures, Access, ODBC, SMTP, IIS, COM
E-Commerce (Traditional EDI)- On-line accounting interchanges. Implementation of medical information and retail invoices and POs (ISA 810, 836, 850, 852) ISA X12 837/HCFA-1500.
User Interfaces- Created MANY UIs for Web Sites, Desktops and Terminals. Created unusual interface for a middleware client to provide their customers to be able to offer their end-users the ability to create interfaces for their customers.
Data Warehousing- Developed methodology, wrote manual. VB6 conversion programs, DataJunction. Data sources included Cobol 16-track copybooks, SQL, Foxpro, Access, DB2, and ASCII flat files.
Customer and Product Support Systems- Designed and wrote workflow and contact management. At call center with up to 300 calls per hour, problems were matched to technicians' skills and distributed. System included technicians' interface that displayed similar problems, previous contact with caller, times spent by each call and each technician, real-time supervisory tracking.
Laboratory Automation- for Research and Development at medical centers and manufacturing company. Data collection and analysis.
Human Resources- Conducted technical interviews of prospective IT candidates for consulting firm. Startup employment.

Clients / Employers (1099 & W2) and many other internet sites (including this one)
Harbor Objects, 1101 Dove St, #228, Newport Beach, CA, Software Development, Web applications, general programming.
VB.Net, ADO.Net, HTML, CSS, SQL, Visual Studio 2003. Full time Sept 2006 through March 2007
County of San Bernardino, Information Services Department, Job and Employment Security Department Site (JESD)
Revamp web site. Promotion of County and Job site. ASP, SQL, Interdev, graphics, project leader.
Air Quality Management District of Southern California, AQMD, Gov (AQMD) budget with Access, VB 5.0, NT
Linksys, created CRM and hardware service support software, X12, VB, Access
SEI Information Technologies, Los Angeles, Staff Senior Systems Architect, Consultant
iWay Software, New York, HL7 iXTE middleware product preparation, XML medical records processing
Gauss, C, C++, and VB, User Interfaces for remote kiosk presentation system, Medical communications, HIPAA, HICFA, UDB, HL7, COM
Sierra Cybernetics, consulting agency; government contracts
Pacific Data Technologies, data warehousing, data conversions, queries; VB6, VBA, DataJunction
KnowledgeBroker, Inc., Knowledgebase distribution, VB, Content contributions
Chair Pros, Web site for sales and service of ergonomic chairs and office equipment, design, HTML, ASP, MS 2000, Email, art. Continuous since 2002

DYNAMIC PATHWAYS COMPANY, 180 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA
Developer, Architect, CTO, CEO

Two hundred thousand units (wholesale value $12M) of prepackaged shrinkwrapped software were written and sold direct to users and through distribution to retail (Ingram, BestBuy, CompUSA, etc). Products were launched through Virgin, 1988-91. Manufacturing was outsourced. Products included software, text content, manuals and workbooks. Products were called "Success, Inc," the Powerful Business Plan writer, "Sales and Marketing Success," and "Startup Success." They broke new ground for software, established shelf space, and began a genre of interactive planning software.

I designed and wrote the engine in C. The original DOS version was created with Turbo C and Microsoft QuickC. The MacIntosh version was written with Symantec ThinkC in 1991. This evolved into the Windows 3.1 version with Microsoft's Professional C and Borland's C (v4.5). The Windows 95 edition was completed in 1996 with the MS Visual Studio IDE and Visual C/C++. Calls were direct to the Win32 API and GDI. All products were tested and certified by Microsoft for DOS, Windows 3.1, 95 and 98.

TQ SYSTEMS, 412 North Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA
Developer, Architect, Programmer, Sales and Support, VAR

The mass-produced software of Dynamic Pathways company was developed largely from this Questionnaire Automation package™. Networked microcomputers served real-time automated presentations for touchscreen collection of data . I wrote all original code using Microsoft compiled basic and HP2648 terminal control language for HP 150 computers on a 3Com 802.3 network. The result was a turnkey sytem that included modules for setup, questionnaire definition, presentation and data analysis. Reports included statistics and graphs that identified the significant differences of samples and controls. Human responses were therefore assessed by traditional research processes. An option provided paper presentation of these surveys using a barcode reader for quick data entry.

I designed, wrote, documented, marketed, sold, installed and serviced these systems with as many as 16 simultaneous collection stations. The users' manual (650 pages) included illustrations and detailed instructions for the customer. This system could also serve as a stand-alone presentation and collection module in any environment where displays and data collection were appropriate. An NIH/SBIR (National Institute of Health/Small Business Innovative Research) grant was written to apply this system for psychiatric screening. Hewlett-Packard VAR

HUNT-WESSON FOODS, R&D, Technical Center, Fullerton, CA
Senior Scientific Computer Systems Analyst, Computer Systems Manager, Project Leader

From the Statistics Department in Research and Development, I was responsible for computer implementation and service for 400 professionals among analytical chemistry, statistics, packaging, processes engineering and product development in the Corporate Technical Center. I managed a Hewlett-Packard 3356/57 (1000) Laboratory Automation System (LAS) for high-pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). I attended training by Hewlett-Packard in Sunnvale, CA and Avondale, PA. I executed, modified and supervised routine statistical analysis using Fortran IV programs for IBM 360/4000 OS JCL TSO.

Working with engineers, I implemented the use of microcomputers in R&D for pilot plant development, package design, new products, sensory analysis, quality assurance, chemical analysis, human resources (Hay data) and marketing. I performed experimental design and statistical analysis. In 1984, I was awarded the 1984 Employee of the Year Award in Research and Development for writing and implementing RIPS, a Research Information Processessing System on the HP1000 minicomputer. Curve-fitting by least squares and data significance were very popular. I presented a series of lectures in-house, at UCD, and published an article in the Journal of the IFT (International Food Technologists): Fritz, "Computers in the Laboratory," Food Technology, Volume 38, no 9, Sept 1984.

UNIVERSITY of CALIFORNIA, IRVINE Medical Center , Pediatrics Department, 101 City Drive, Orange, CA
Research Associate IV

I designed and executed experiments to evaluate hypothermia as a pretreatment for surgery. Performed experimental surgery on animals, and taught catheterization to clinical nurses and interns. Measured and analyzed electrocardiography, arterial and venous blood pressures, tissue perfusion, oxygen partial pressures and carbon dioxide production. These analog parameters were digitized and measured in real-time on a DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) Minc / PDP-11 (OS RT-11). Programs for data collection and analysis were written in Basic. Bench laboratory analysis data (hemoglogin, hematocrit, and coulter counter data) were manually entered into the analysis system. Graphics and statistical summaries for publications were generated. (Fritz, Beran and Sperling, "A File System for Physiological Analysis,Proceedings of the Digital Equipment User's Society (DECUS), Volume 7, no 2, 1980) Post graduate research credits were offered to UCI students for their participation.

Additional experience
includes work at the University of Michigan Medical School Department of Physiology (Research Asssociate II), University Hospital Heart Station (EKG Technician), the Upjohn Pharmaceutical Company (Microbiologist), the Lode Theater (doorman to projectionist, over 12 years), Michigan Technological University, (Teaching Associate, BL 330, Animal Physiology), Medical Illustrator, Technical Illustrator, commercial Artist (brochures and packaging), photographer, power tool and hardware sales associate, cashier, lifeguard, motel and resort desk agent, art salesman, plumber's helper, ditch digger, window washer, ventriloquist, busboy, paperboy. Usher and security guard at the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts and Pageant of the Masters.


Bachelor of Science (BS) degree, 4 years,
Master of Science (MS) degree
, 2 years with thesis, Biological Sciences,
Michigan Technological University
Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physiological Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physiology, Cardiology, Electrocardiology, Ecology, Instrumentation, Biosimulation, Anatomy, Microbiology

Postgraduate Studies, Doctorate of Medicine (MD) Program, 2 years,
University of Michigan Medical School
Human Gross Anatomy, Neuroanatomy, Microanatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Neurology, Psychiatry, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Clinical Medicine



BASIC - MS VB.Net, Visual Basic v3.0-6.0 (VB, 9 years), VBA, script, BasicA, GWBasic, DEC, HP, IBM, 30 years.
C, C++, C# - MS Visual C/C++ v6.0, C#.Net, Borland C/C++ v3.0-6.0, Symantec ThinkC, 20 years.
JAVA - client, server scripting; virtual machine, 10 years.

OTHER- ASP.Net, HTML, CSS, XML, ASP, UML, 10 yrs; ASM, machine language, PCL, GL, TCL; Pascal, Ada, Fortran, 30 yrs.
DATABASE - MS SQL, stored procedures, Access, HP Image/Query, 25 years.
LIBRARIES, INTERFACES - ADO.Net, Win16/32 API, .Net libraries, ActiveX, COM, DDE, OLE, Jet, ODBC, ADO, MFC, OWL, 15 years.


Interpreters, compilers and integrated environments for the above, Visual Studio.Net, Visual Source Safe (VSS), many word processors, spreadsheets, and database management systems Visual Studio, Borland and MS Visual C/C++, Visual Basic v6.0 IDE, (including conversion to Visual Studio.Net v7.0), MS installation / registration / deployment. PageMaker, PhotoDeluxe, Video Studio, MS Office, Word, Excel, Access, Project, Quark Express, Adobe LiveMotion, PageMaker, Net Objects Fusion, Front Page, Interdev, VSS, Perforce, MS Project, HP 3357 Chromatographic Analysis, X.12 EDI, Sterling Commerce (Gentran, Integrator and Director); HL7, Data Junction, Rational Rose OOP, XML, n-tier DNA, COM+, ADO+, ActiveX components, HP Analytical 3357 LAS, SAS, SPSS


MS DOS 1-6, Microsoft Windows versions 1, 2, 3.1, 95, 98, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, IBM/MS/Intel (8/16/32) PCs, HP 1000 (2648 TCL), IBM mainframes (3270), DEC PDP-11 (VT-105), DEC 10, Unix, CP/M, Apple II & Mac, Hewlett-Packard 1000/3000 FMGR, DEC RT-11/RSX11-M, IBM MVS OS TSO, JCL


OFF-THE-SHELF, Mass Produced Shrinkwrapped

Success Inc©, the Powerful Business Plan Writer - 1989-1998
Sales and Marketing Success® - 1991-1998
Start-up Success - 1996-1998


TQ© Touching Questions- Questionnaire Automation© 1984-
RIPS- Research Information Processing System - Hunt Wesson Foods - 1981-1984
FAX - Facts for Research, University of California Irvine Medical Center, USC Athletic Dept. - 1976-1981

SUMMARY - Key Words

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Primary professional tools - Programming, Analysis, Design: Software development using C, C++, VB, Java, SQL, HTML, ASP, .Net and common sense.

Experience: 20+ years of experience in information systems, eCommerce, corporate technology development, business development, consulting, cardiovascular sciences, academia, prepackaged horizontal software industry (Microsoft Certified since 1990), vertical market software and VAR.

Marketing, Sales, Service: identified target markets, created packaging and ads, wrote, sold and serviced. Created and sold product for marketing research. Business Development. BDM. Technical presales.

Technical: programmer, analyst, designer, architect, consultant, developer, support, writer, IS manager, CTO, CIO

Administrator, Manager: project leader, systems manager, proposal development, proprietor, chief executive officer

Professional Services: business planner, research associate, teaching associate, technical illustrator, medical illustrator, software publisher, author.

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