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Dynamic Pathways Company

Startup Success Sales and Marketing Business Planning

  • I created and wrote the desktop product from 1984 to 1997
  • Approx $50M retail value distributed from 1989 to 1997
  • Began in MS DOS and evolved through Mac System 7 and Windows 98
  • Retained strong characteristics
    • Primary benefit: concentrates focus of the user
    • Clearly defined features, adapts to user
    • Very, very efficient code; all direct API calls; no MFC, OWL, or other DLLs
    • Very long shelf life; automatically changes all dates
    • No individual aftersale contact expected
  • Converted to XP and Windows 2000 with many enhancements
    • Extensive optional graphics, with themes
    • Optional sound
    • HTML support
    • Line-dating and a new graphic scale which tracks individual progress
    • 100% compatible with plans written with previous versions
    • Linux, MacIntosh and enhanced groupware versions possible
    • An internet MS IIS ASP alpha version was developed and is also visible in this illustration.
Help needed?

Ironically, the business model employed for the business planning package failed despite establishment on the retail shelf, acceptance by consumers, enormous cash flow, minimum overhead, reliable production and technical efficiency. Infrastructure establishment after the two-year joint venture was never adequate. The latest desktop version is inadequate in its present form. After the previous decade of development based on the earlier 15 years of initial development, it is possible to re-release similar products using completely different means of product presentation, infrastructure and operational techniques.
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