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Scanned Pen and Ink
  • Computer Art
    • I use software packages such as Photoshop.
      There are many examples of jpegs, gifs, bitmaps, icons and cursors on this site.
    • Illustrations can be found in my software, web sites, books, manuals and brochures.
    • Combining graphics and programming script creates effective and snappy displays.
      See examples... the skateboard product display, racing chairs, office chairs,
      chair sizes (below), World Trade Center and Tsunami pictures.
    • See the 'Downtown Los Angeles skyline' used for the SEI-IT banner in the Timeline.
      Different perspective rendering techniques can look right in the same picture.
    • One HTML page was created to create an animated map of this entire web site.

  • Conventional Art
    • Thousands of illustrations were drawn for the aerospace industry using
      technical pens and plastic ink on brushed mylar and linen.
      The tiger to the left was drawn that way and then scanned.
    • Many illustrations were created for books written by myself and others.
    • Conventional techniques were used to create many packages for products.
    • Ink sketches are spontaneous and effective renderings of conventional art.
    • Visit my Laguna Beach and Festival of Arts ballpoint pen collections here.
From the Timeline.
Aliso Viejo firetruck parked outside the Ice Palace, 2000 
TQ Marketing
Jpeg created from video,
changes to a night scene.
Emergency Dispatch Animation, 2002
From digital video and photographs, This is very efficient animation. Suitable for dialup.
Click the picture to advance the scene. The production version is bigger.
Original TQ Brochure, 1984
GIF from scanned image

Dynamic Pathways TQ 64x64 Case Icon To Desktops Success Inc Briefcase Icon Briefcase Icon Original Success Inc Briefcase Icon (animated) See the signs Express Wake up, smell the coffee $$$ Ideas Emergency Chairs Emergency Chairs Chair pros
64x64, 32x32, 16x16 pixel icons, 256, 16 and 2 colors
Arrow for Editing Text Insertion For Selecting Anything For Selecting Blocks of Text
32 x 32, 2 colors and transparent, for desktop applications

Product Displays
provide opportunities to involve the user in the process of discovery. This example helps the user understand the options available for this chair.

Move your cursor over the matrix to the right of the picture.
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