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Graphic Expression of Concepts
The disciplines of physical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and biochemistry use different methods to draw molecules. This inhibits the development of comprehensive understanding. A series of illustrations were incorporated in a monograph that resolved these differences. The objective of the renderings was to create a visual understanding of the relationships between the general character of life, and images of molecular chemistry. The focus was on those molecules which regulate the level of general activity of individual cells. By reviewing these molecules with an absolute frame of reference, the viewer can develop an intuitive impression of this integrity. This view is consistent with the observations of Cannon and Bonner, and was developed during my postgraduate research with hibernating animals, who regulate unique balances of common physiological mechanisms.

The images on this page were scanned from photocopies of pages drawn with Rapidograph pens on linen in the 1970s. Since then, concepts derived from this organization remain fresh despite the familiarity of the individual effectors. The most significant finding which can be derived from these observations is an understanding of the role of sleep at the molecular level. Hypotheses derived from these observations include assumptions about the importance of relative and absolute autonomic tone. Practical implications include the ability to increase personal efficiency through the conscious control of these parameters.

Steroid nomenclature has been adapted to aliphatic chains to facilitate comprehension of the dynamic relationships. Amines have been rendered at the bottom right of each molecule, wherever possible. Several dozen pages were drawn which depict conventional well-documented metabolic and anabolic cycles. The configuration of receptor sites can be induced from these comparisons.
Methyl-Phenyl-Try Relationship Acetylcholine and Families
At the membrane
The thesis, Electrocardiographic Studies of Rats and Ground Squirrels Exposed to Acute Hypoxia, was published in softcover. The interest in illustrations developed into many avenues. While researching hypothermia at the University of California Irvine Medical Center Pediatrics Department, I also contracted as the 'Department Illustrator' for the Department of Plastic Surgery. In addition to creating illustrations for research articles, I also drew illustrations for commercial packaging and brochures. At that time, I was using a DEC PDP-11 for on-line data collection and analysis. My Environmental Chamber

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