Variety of Sketches
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Drawing while wearing glasses. .Net Meeting, Aliso Viejo, A study session by Neudesic on Microsoft .Net software and IT management techniques.  Thanks for the pizza, too. A neoclassical naturalism. Laguna Beach, July 2002, Fathers Day, Monument Point in Heisler Park... can not count the times we walked here.  This is where the seals barked that we heard all night. The Pilgrim, July 2002, Dana Point Harbor, California, I can still see Alexandra standing watch in the rain at 4 am... so seriously.  I was having coffee in the galley next to her.  The galley is the cabin near the front... just big enough for 3 adults and a big pot of hot coffee.  I could see her from the window when the wind and rain died down.  This is an experience shared by many Orange County kids.  I was a lucky dad. The Pilgrim, July 2002, Dana Point Marina, California, Alexandra and I spent a night on this ship with her fourth grade class in 1998.  This is three miles from the house. The layers of blood flow through the skin, per H. V. Sparks. For his book, Once Around the Circulation Neurochemistry of interest with cardiovascular control of hibernators.  From my thesis.  While at U of M, I was lucky to have Drs Crosby and Lauer for Neuroanatomy. Giraffes visiting relatives in Michigan. A composite of a rapidograph inking and a photo. From Heisler Park near Las Brisas 10pm, Fathers Day 2006.  This image was light-reversed with Photoshop after scanning.

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